Bye bye, GitHub. Hello, new DAI!

Holy crap. Clickbait title indeed! So this is what happens when you amusedly search google for a clickbait title generator and plug in your own stuff (No, evo is not moving away from github… we aren’t insane lol).

Before I get into anything though, I want to mention that I’m trying out a new format for newsposts. I HATE writing news stuff with a passion. So what I’m going to try now is “micro news”, as in, I’m going to pick narrow subjects that are important, write a paragraph or whatever I need to to explain it, and call it a day. Perhaps if I do news this way, I can be persuaded to write news stuff more often.

DAI has arrived!

Thanks to Damgam, DAI has evolved into a truly awesome AI. He’s been working on it for some time, but it really launched forward when he added it to Balanced Annihilation. As a result, he ended up getting the support of Doo, who has been adding all kinds of functionality which has been getting backported into Evolution RTS.

One of the more notable changes is the fact that DAI units will now micro when they are damaged, which increases the difficulty of beating DAI exponentially. Additionally, the handicap slider is ever more useful because of these additions.