New server upgrade!

The server that the hosts run on has now been updated to a machine with 6 cores and 28gb ram running on a brand new SSD! It’s worth noting that this server also runs the “Official” BA hosts as well, so they get the benefit of the new hotness. The server is set up in such a way that even if SPADS hits a critical error (which does randomly happen sometimes), the script will simply wait for 15 seconds and restart the server.

To make things even better, even if the server has an issue and reboots itself, it will bring the hosts back online within about 30 seconds. Additionally, I am happy to report that the issues with Spring Dedicated Server eating up 100% on all CPU cores has been fixed! The upshot of it is that my fancy server now sits at about 1% cpu usage almost all the time. That’s definitely a good thing!

As always, please let me know if the hosts (Evo or BA) do anything particularly weird. I tested rather extensively but unfortunately as I am not omniscient (yet), I can’t catch everything. Honestly, I’m just happy to break out of the nightmare that was the server VM being used previously.