Messing with music: What your mother never told you…

Dreamstate Logic The Enigma TNG music

The Enigma TNG is back!!! But it gets even better! We recently got permission from the AMAZING Dreamstate Logic to use his music in Evolution RTS! If you haven’t heard either of these guys, let me just say that they are INCREDIBLE. That is what your mother never told you, because she wasn’t cool enough to find them on her own.

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Drones on a low budget  – 4 Strategies to make it work


Aircraft have been revamped, renamed, and are now Drone Platforms. Aircraft (Drones) in the Spring Engine are a difficult beast. They are unpredictable, impossible to really control. In a lot of ways, it’s almost as if aircraft in the spring engine follow form over function. By that I mean that they tend to look really good if you set them up properly, but at the same time, their dps tends to be all over the place due to unpredictable flight behavior, sometimes they will leave the map and become unresponsive, etc.

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The Future is all about flashy Effects

CEG effects

Evolution RTS has seen a little bit of an effects overhaul recently with regards to base structures. In this screenshot I tried to cram all of them in one shot, but I’m missing a few. Regardless, the effects are actually color coded to show the structure’s tier level. Orange is Tech 0; Orange and blue is Tech 1; Orange, blue, and purple is Tech 2; Orange, blue, purple, and green is Tech 3.

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The uncensored cheat sheet to Energy Usage!

energy buildings

Energy usage has changed, a lot. No longer will your units require energy to fire. This change means that you will no longer have to worry about your army being completely unable to fire if your energy economy tanks. The energy to fire mechanism was unique and was a neat little mechanic, but the problem is that it was always simply to opaque to end users, especially newbies.

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Bye bye, GitHub. Hello, new DAI!

Holy crap. Clickbait title indeed! So this is what happens when you amusedly search google for a clickbait title generator and plug in your own stuff (No, evo is not moving away from github… we aren’t insane lol).

Before I get into anything though, I want to mention that I’m trying out a new format for newsposts. I HATE writing news stuff with a passion. So what I’m going to try now is “micro news”, as in, I’m going to pick narrow subjects that are important, write a paragraph or whatever I need to to explain it, and call it a day. Perhaps if I do news this way, I can be persuaded to write news stuff more often.

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New server upgrade!

The server that the hosts run on has now been updated to a machine with 6 cores and 28gb ram running on a brand new SSD! It’s worth noting that this server also runs the “Official” BA hosts as well, so they get the benefit of the new hotness. The server is set up in such a way that even if SPADS hits a critical error (which does randomly happen sometimes), the script will simply wait for 15 seconds and restart the server.

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